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Homemade Bespoke Celebration Cakes For Any Occasion!

Hi, I’m Kate, a professional baker from Exeter Devon, specialising in celebration cakes, often decorated with seasonal edible flowers grown locally.

All my cakes are completely unique, I work with you to create a one of a kind masterpiece for your special occasion.

Bespoke Cake with Edible Flowers

What treats can I bake?

Although I specialise in buttercream celebration cakes, I also bake cupcakes, brownies, traybakes and cookies. Whatever the event, a Kate’s Kakes bake is going to be winner.

Celebration Cakes

Explore my celebration cakes gallery for bespoke designs, moist sponge layers, and irresistible flavour combinations. The perfect centrepiece for your next celebration!


There's always time for a cupcake, right? All my cupcakes can be filled with compotes, curds, or ganache. Adorned with edible flowers and bespoke decorations.


My traybakes include sheet cakes, brownies and blondies all boasting delightful flavours. Decorated with edible flowers, drizzled with chocolate or scattered with toppings.


Indulge in cookie heaven. My cookies can be made with chocolate chunks, iced, chocolate-dipped, or filled, each batch boasts delicious flavours and can include edible flowers.

What makes Kate's Kakes so special?

It's all about the taste

For me, taste reigns supreme in my cakes. While design matters, the essence lies in flavour. Using top-notch ingredients, I ensure my cakes boast moist textures and delightful flavours, pleasing my loyal customers.

Buttercream specialist

Buttercream takes centre stage in my cakes, chosen for its unbeatable flavour, smooth texture, and versatile piping capabilities. I enhance cakes with flavoured and coloured buttercream, using natural flower powders and chocolates.

A cake unique to you

I offer a bespoke service, crafting each cake uniquely to your preferences. My creative process embraces seasonal edible flowers, ensuring a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Your cake will be truly unique—never replicated.

Meet Kate

Curious to know the face behind Kate’s Kakes? I’m Kate, the passionate baker behind the delightful creations you’ve seen on this website. Click to uncover my story and baking journey.

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Every cake that I bake is completely unique and tailored to you. To order your own bespoke bake, send me a message using the form below.     

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